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Two California Loan Officers Combine Their Talent to Create a Rap Video Teaching 1st Time Homebuyer's all That is Needed to buy a Home

Lee Duran and Chris Dominguez, two innovative, forward thinking California real estate loan officers, recently launched their debut rap video offering winning information to people considering buying their first home.  For the team this is their latest effort in providing quality real estate info in creative ways, and the response has been absolutely enthusiastic.

February 19, 2015

Experts agree, breaking through to the social media generation requires taking different approaches to hit home effectively.  Few people understand this better, that California loan officers Lee Duran and Chris Dominguez.  The two creative and talented minds recently teamed up to launch and their first rap video, teaching first time homebuyer's all that's needed to buy a home, in a creative and fun rap song.  All signs are pointing towards the video becoming hugely popular fast.

“What better way to educate the social media generation than through song,”  asked Lee Duran, an extra ordinarily talented loan officer.  “Chris and I came up with the idea, and the video is not only informative, but it's also guaranteed to make our viewers have a good laugh in the process too!”

According to the team, a 1st time homebuyer is generally making a good investment in their future if they make a smart and informed purchase.  Things like FICO scores can be very important, which the video touches on in a quite imaginative and entertaining way, as are savings and other assets.  All in all, the video touches on nearly everything a new homebuyer needs to consider, and will certainly leave most viewers much better off in having spent the few minutes watching it.

Chris Domiguez, explained, “As a loan officer, I get to see first hand where people are lacking information and knowledge when it comes to buying a home.  Being able to answer these questions in a song, was huge fun.  I hope the reaction is great and we do more in the future.”

The video also features Brittney Wagner, Eva Catherine and realtor Ashley Way in supporting roles.

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