Buying home is a exciting and confusing time.
We make the process eaiser to understand with humor, song, dance and rap. Check out our latest rap..

Lee (aka Lee Duran the Financeman, Loan Officer extraordinaire) Educates through song,... schools Summer and Chris through the home buying process all with a little edge...

Storyline of the latest video...

Summer (aka Brittany Wagner famous beauty queen and actress/model) demands that her lazy boyfriend Chris (aka Chris Dominguez superstar Loan Officer and businessman)go find them a place to call home.

What happens next will amaze you!


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Francesca, Lee's assistant (aka Eva Catherine model/actress) proceeds to help teach the young couple (Chris and Summer) about the do's and don'ts of the home buying process. Like most 1st time home buyers, Chris and Summer need a bit of education about "FICO" scores, “Down Payment" and "Loan to Value". "Because I heard your rap, your rhyme, your song, when I went to buy a home nothing really went wrong" best describes the conclusion of this never ending story.


Ashley (aka Ashley Way real life realtor) helps them (Characters Chris and Summer)get the home of their dreams...





A whole lot of fun and it has a happy ending... kind of...


Two California Loan Officers Combine Their Talent to Create a Rap Video Teaching 1st Time Homebuyer's all That is Needed to buy a Home

Lee Duran and Chris Dominguez, two innovative, forward thinking California real estate loan officers, recently launched their debut rap video offering winning information to people considering buying their first home.  For the team this is their latest effort in providing quality real estate info in creative ways, and the response has been absolutely enthusiastic.

February 19, 2015

Experts agree, breaking through to the social media generation requires taking different approaches to hit home effectively.  Few people understand this better, that California loan officers Lee Duran and Chris Dominguez.  The two creative and talented minds recently teamed up to launch and their first rap video, teaching first time homebuyer's all that's needed to buy a home, in a creative and fun rap song.  All signs are pointing towards the video becoming hugely popular fast.

“What better way to educate the social media generation than through song,”  asked Lee Duran, an extra ordinarily talented loan officer.  “Chris and I came up with the idea, and the video is not only informative, but it's also guaranteed to make our viewers have a good laugh in the process too!”

According to the team, a 1st time homebuyer is generally making a good investment in their future if they make a smart and informed purchase.  Things like FICO scores can be very important, which the video touches on in a quite imaginative and entertaining way, as are savings and other assets.  All in all, the video touches on nearly everything a new homebuyer needs to consider, and will certainly leave most viewers much better off in having spent the few minutes watching it.

Chris Domiguez, explained, “As a loan officer, I get to see first hand where people are lacking information and knowledge when it comes to buying a home.  Being able to answer these questions in a song, was huge fun.  I hope the reaction is great and we do more in the future.”

The video also features Brittney Wagner, Eva Catherine and realtor Ashley Way in supporting roles.

For more information be sure to visit

So I want to buy a house and I want to know where to start.
If you do it correctly it’s an investment … its smart.
So this weekend I chose the block open houses I roam.
One of these is sure to be my very own home.
Hold up wait a minute you got this all wrong.
Ill tell you what to do if you listen to my song.
Help me out, let me know exactly what I need to do.
I’m am sure I will own a home when all this is through.
Own home that’s for sure, let’s get down to some facts.
Credit, Loan to Value Buying power at its Max.
First let’s find out what your what your Benjamin’s will buy..
Get you prequalified … by a lender…ask why…???!!!
Pre qualified? Loan to Value? Credit ? Why are you talking about… a loan?
Do I really have to do this to get myself in a home?
Sure enough… absolutely… powerful a fact…
Lets first get your FICO to keep everything on track!!

 Do I have to have good credit..? I have had some problems you see….
How do I say this… life ….. happens… and it happened to me….
When you say FICO…. What’s the score you want to read?
Just repin because … it’s a house that I need…
640 is Ideal 620 might be fine…
580 in sometimes works…
580 that’s Divine!!!
Hold up … don’t get ahead !!! Let’s find out where you land.
640’s what my lender says, Can I get some keys in my hand?

Hurry up let’s get a realtor and make the magic flow.
The American dream is on my doorstep I can feel it… yo.
Now let’s address assets, your paper your stash…
In this day and age to buy a home you need cash!!!
Wait a minute… pump your brakes…. complete stop to the show!
What do you mean I need cash!!! I’m getting a loan don t you know!!!
Yes a loan is good and you can own a house in this town
Every loan needs something…. 3.5% down!!!
For down… can do 5 or 20 or more…
like everything in life, more money… better ….sure!!!
My number is 3.5 of that you must know!
My paper more than covers that … Yes I have the dough!!!
Can I get keys now this is really getting Rash…
I want to buy this home … all your talkin about is cash!!!
So 3.5 is your number …and now you’ve made that clear.
Is it sitting in your bank account? Or coming from a relative that is near?
These are all important questions …of you I must ask…
Soon we chose a realtor a very important task!!!

What?! Chose a realtor?! This harder than I thought!!!
My friend did’t have to do this for the home that he bought!!!
Never-mind…. lets get on with it, realtor that is next…
What do I gotta do to fill that box with a check?!

The realtor choice is a big one of that you must know!!!
Chose the right Realtor and your home ownership is GO!

How do I find the right one ? maybe Google.. Yelp…or  Bing?
There is so many of them out there that say “I am great”.. “That’s my thing!!!”
Once again it’s your lender… of the professionals…who know
Tell him you want a Realtor …and he will direct you to a PRO!!!

Now I have my realtor and houses we go see
I think I found the perfect one … one that’s for me.
Deposit check is signed and escrow is in the know…
I’m only a step away from having Real-estate to show…
Now that you’ve found your home … the one that you chose.
Because you did it right … you will soon hear CLEAR TO CLOSE!!!
This means you will have a house, a home a loft.
When you do this process correctly it is solid as a rock!!!
Because I heard your ryme..your rap …your song…
When I went to buy a home nothing went wrong!!!

There is only one way to go … of that you will see…
If you’re a first time home buyer call Chris and Lee!!

Loan Officers from California Educate First Time Homebuyer’s through a Rap Video
Lee Duran and Chris Dominguez together have created a highly entertaining rap video in order to spread their message to a wider social networking audience, educating first time homebuyers on how to buy a home!
February 28, 2015, California, United States- How did two real estate loan officers from California have get their message out to those who are buying home for the first time, and don’t know what to expect?
They decided to create a rap video with their message. The message? To help the first time homebuyers know everything they need to know before buying a home and demystify the whole process. Lee Duran and Chris Dominguez are two loan officers from California who are quite familiar with the challenges faced by the individuals while buying a home for the first time.  For such buyers it can be thrilling and intimidating at the same time, and it’s quite difficult to know exactly what will happen next. However together with their team (Kip Shelton, Brittany Wagner, Eva Catherine and Eric Brake) they have created a highly entertaining rap video that tells home buyers what exactly they must do in order to get the most out of the purchase. Chris and Lee both strongly believe that this is a new way of reaching the social networking generation with entertainment and education, and there’s such a dramatic difference when one can create something like this that can actually make an impact.

The story is ...
Summer is a very pretty high maintenance woman, the type that always looks like she is about to go to a club on a Friday night in fact she could pass for a “Beauty Queen”… walks down stairs to find her significant other (Chris) on the couch playing video games. It is clear that Chris is out of his league with the woman he landed. It is also clear that Chris is clueless and lost and afraid he is going to lose his trophy girl and is highly motivated to do what is necessary to keep her.
Summer is afraid she has made a bad choice in boyfriend/husband and looses it on him.
The full video can be found at:
For more information, simply visit:
About Real Estate Rap
Real Estate Rap is the brainchild of Lee Duran and Chris Dominguez, two highly innovative and forward thinking real estate loan officers from California. Together with Kip Shelton (Seasoned feature film writer, director, producer, editor and accomplished musician), Brittany Wagner (Accomplished actress and multiple beauty pageant winner), Eva Catherine (Accomplished model and aspiring actress) and Eric Brake (Professional personal trainer and former body builder) they have launched their debut rap video which is becoming hugely popular fast.
Real Estate Rap
Contact Person: Lee Duran
Phone: (323) 717-1144



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